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Ceiling Light Security

We're extremely grateful we got this call and were able to secure these ceiling lights to the ceiling. A loose ceiling light can fall and cause serious injuries. We came by on a holiday and were able to make sure these lights are safely secured to the ceiling.

D&D BuildIt cleaning chemical tanks

Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets are a must if you want to have a professional and safe workplace. We come in after hours and clean/sanitize all types and sizes carpet to make your facility look brand new!

D&D BuildIt cleaning windows

Bathroom Partitions 

Privacy is invaluable and especially when you're in a public bathroom. Our trained technicians make sure the measurements are exact as the spaces between bathroom partitions need to be perfect.

D&D BuildIt maaking small repair

Children's Playground Repair

Our team takes a break from larger repairs to install a new portion of a children's playground set. We were successful in uninstalling the old piece and installing the new piece safety and promptly so it could be used the next day.


Plastic Holding Tank Cleaning

Even in a factory work environment, cleanliness is very important. These large holding tanks were full of dust and needed a clean for a while. We were able to get our guys to spray, scrub and get these holding tanks looking the best they have in years.

D&D BuildIt cleaning carpets

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be done all year round and that exactly what this photo depicts. We came out in the middle of January to make sure these windows were sparkling clean.

D&D BuildIt renovating commercial bathroom

Hand Truck Repair

Small and odd jobs are our specialty. This hand truck was meant to help move new products in and out of a storage room for a store. Without it, the storage managers saw a decrease in efficiency and slowed down their whole process. It took us 5 minutes to fix the issue and got them back on track.

D&D Buildit fixing childrens playground
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