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Every team member at D&D BuildIt is a vital part of our business. Our team members interact with our clients every day, so we take great care in hiring the best people and nurturing long-term careers.

Once hired, every team member is provided with a professional uniform, identification and comprehensive training. We have an internal training program, and we train at the client's site. We also have a library of training videos and will retrain any team member that needs a refresher.

In addition to competitive pay, we also offer cool benefits including a 401(k) plan and vacation time.

Job listings are updated regularly, so please check back often.

D&D BuildIt is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse workforce.


We provide training for every team member—from entry level right on up to executive management.


  • Learning how to professionally fix customers issues, of course!

  • Classroom training is the first step and includes lectures, training videos and written evaluations.

  • Next comes onsite training that is fun and interactive. First, a supervisor will show you how to perform a task. Then you'll perform the task. Then you'll teach the task back to the supervisor. We call it "learn one, do one, teach one."



  • Learning how to be a handyman! At D&D BuildIt, all managers learn from the ground up. The result is in-depth knowledge and "in the trench experience," so they know how to do everything they are asking the entry level team members to do. This means that managers can pitch in at any time and help service a client's facility quite easily. More importantly though, people who understand all facets of the business are more compassionate and effective managers.

  • Human Resource courses, so that managers are prepared to nurture team members and keep them motivated.

  • Last but not least, we offer comprehensive customer service training. We cover the basics, such as the importance of having good manners. Plus, we go in-depth. You'll become a pro at conflict resolution. You'll know when and how to implement the right solution for any given problem. Clients will love you!


Are you a jack of all trades? Do you see yourself experiencing new things everyday? Does learning new things excite you? Try your hand at D&D BuildIt! What's better than having fun at work while also making a difference in peoples lives, not to mention our competitive pay and amazing benefits. Our services are essential to homeowners, business owners and property owners. So much in fact, we grew during the Covid-19 Pandemic. So, what are you waiting for? Make a difference today and submit an application or contact us at 610-539-5212 to learn more.


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